Summer School on Quantum Information and Quantum Technology -2021

14 June - 14 July 2021, IISER Kolkata

Aims & Objectives

The leisurely workshop will be from 14th June 2021 to 14th July 2021 on an online platform. The morning session will start at 10 AM, with a talk from an eminent scientist, with both pedagogical and technical aspects from her/his domain. The speakers will be requested to connect with experimental results from their areas. The talk will be of one hour duration with additional 15 minutes for Q/A session.

There will be a talk of similar nature in the afternoon at 3PM. The timing may be slightly modified, particularly depending on the convenience of the speakers from abroad.

The tutorials will follow in the evening by the tutors, well trained in IBM or similar quantum computation platforms. The goal will be to provide hands on experience to the students and lead them towards research problems of their interest, for which there will be an Academic/ Research Bank. All of us will participate in designing relevant problems that may lead to publishable research works.


Quantum Information and Applications

Quantum optics

Quantum Metrology

Applications to Condensed Matter Physics

Symmetries in Quantum Mechanics

Symmetries and Structures of the Quantum World

Practical on IBM Quantum Experience

Quantum Chemistry


Any update related to the summer school, qiqt-2021, such as change in the schedule will be displayed here

Lecture timing & Link

10 AM - Plenary Lecture

03:00 PM - Invited Talk

07:00 PM - Tutorials