Summer School on Quantum Information and Quantum Technology -2021

14 June - 14 July 2021, IISER Kolkata

Aims & Objectives

The leisurely workshop is from 14th June 2021 to 14th July 2021 on an online platform. This will be followed by two special sessions:

Berry Phase: Manifestation in Quantum Information and Computation

(15th July 2021)

Entanglement in Many Body Physics: A Random Matrix Perspective

(16th July 2021)

The morning session starts with talks from eminent scientists, with both pedagogical and technical aspects from their domain, connecting with experimental results. Each talk will be of one-hour duration followed by additional 30 minutes for the Q/A session.

There will be talks of similar nature in the afternoon. The timing may be slightly modified, depending on the convenience of the speakers.

The tutorials will follow in the evening by the tutors, having expertise in IBM or similar quantum computation platforms. The goal is to provide hands-on experience to the students and lead them towards research problems of their interest, for which there will be an Academic/ Research Bank. All of us will participate in designing relevant problems that may lead to publishable research works.

Special Colloquium: Prof. Sir Michael Victor Berry, FRS

Title: Geometric Phases: Old and New

Date: 8th July 2021


Quantum Foundations and Information

Quantum Correlations in Physical Systems

Quantum Optics and Quantum Metrology

Quantum Chemistry (3rd July 2021)

PT Symmetry, Supersymmetry and their Applications to Quantum Science and Technology (10th and 11th July 2021)

Berry Phase: Manifestation in Quantum Information and

Computation (15th July 2021)

Entanglement in Many Body Physics: A Random Matrix Perspective (16th July 2021)


1. Quantum Foundations and Information

2. Quantum Optics

3. Quantum Computation on IBM and Other Platforms

4. Quantum Simulation / Computation and Entanglement in Condensed Matter Systems

5. Quantum Chemistry

6. Quantum Sensing, Imaging, and Applications

Evening Sessions:

1. Industry-Academia Interaction (6th July to 14th July 2021)

IBM, TCS, Ericsson, QNu Lab, BosonQ Psi

Announcement (New)

Dear Registrants,

We hope all are safe and well. The registration is closed. This is to inform you that we have been inundated with registrants from India and abroad.

Since the number of candidates registered for the Summer School is gigantic and due to the limitations of the online platform, the organizing committee upon deliberation, has decided to live stream all the lectures, tutorials, and special sessions on Youtube without omitting the Q/A sessions. The attendees can type the questions in the Youtube comment section and get their queries resolved by the speaker. This will be facilitated by the moderator, who will put up questions for the speaker.

We are also in the process of developing a forum on our webpage to facilitate discussions.

Since it is difficult to send emails to many email Ids, registrants are requested to visit the website regularly for all the updates.

How to attend the School:

1. All the registrants are requested to subscribe to the Youtube channel QIQT-2021 and click the bell icon to get all the updates.

Link to the Youtube Channel:

2. Registrants can also visit the website to view the live-streamed lectures.

Regarding Certificates:

Only those candidates registered for the QIQT-2021 will receive certificates. More information related to the certificate will be floated in due course of time.